Our content, campaigns and
strategies are focused on
helping you connect
with students

How do we do this?

Simple. Our entire business is built around our ability to cost-effectively deliver students for our clients.

Strategy & Student Acquisition

Student Experience & Campaign Strategies Whether you’re looking to launch a new course, plan out your student engagement strategy, or get all stakeholders in the one room #goals we will work with your marketing, student recruitment and technical teams to map a strategy that may focus on defining audiences, automation, advertising which you could then implement on your own or... with us.

Digital Advertising & Lead Generation

The advertising ecosystem is complicated. As Google Premier Partners, Facebook Business Partners, Snapchat Partners and one of the first TikTok Agency Partners in Australia, your advertising is connected and we deliver your at key moments, aligning performance and connection with students’ thoughts and motivations. And with us, you’ll be well supported through platform changes such as those pesky iOS 14.5 updates. #ZuckerbergOnSpeedDial

Sales & Admissions Consulting

With a bunch of former/reformed education recruitment consultants in our team, we help organisations to optimise their conversion processes through identifying things such as student drop offs, call-connection rates, scripting improvements and re-engagem ent opportunities. We often work with current students to help us identify key pain points through the admission process which are used throughout our strategies.

User Generated Content

Whether you need course, campus or country-specific content, our team of content creators will work with you and your students to produce authentic video assets to engage with your prospective students. Our UGC can be created for both paid and organic content campaigns.

Content Creation

Videos. Social Content. Blogs. Photography. Copywriting. Design. We get a real kick out of seeing a triple threat in action - fun, authentic AND engaging content. If you need landing pages, email templates, organic social assets, ad elements we can help you produce the goods.

Search Engine Optimisation

Leads that come organically from your website are some of the most likely to convert, which is why our hearts break when we see SEO pushed down the priority list. 💔 We can help you with technical and content audits, and the implementation of SEO strategies that will help you “be number one on Google.”

Application to Enrolment Conversion

Human error? A blast from the past. Lean on those automation platforms that you invest in to take the manual labour out of the conversion process. One rapid planning workshop, technical audit and strategy execution later, and you’ll be calling your prospects as soon as they hit the ‘deferral’ page.

Call Conversion & Lead Qualification

International and domestic leads can come in high volume, and filtering through the ones that are actually going to convert is no small task. With experience calling in a range of domestic, European, Asian and South East Asian markets, our call centre will contact and qualify your leads, handing over those that are ready to begin the application process or booking them into an appointment.

Database Re-Engagement

Sometimes the lowest hanging fruit are the leads that you already have, that have been sitting in your CRM without any love for months, even years. Let our call centre get you all of the quick wins by churning through your old database. We’ll call, qualify and update their status, so it’s no longer burning that hole in your CRM.

Student Ambassador Recruitment, Training & Management

We know that the process of recruiting, training and managing student ambassadors can be a lengthy, time heavy pursuit. Enter, Student Garden. Plug and play our student ambassador program and let us manage this process on behalf of your institution so you can focus on improving their education experience.

Workshops & Training

One of our core values is that everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. We offer professional development workshops and staff training to upskill your team on the latest trends, platforms and tools, using our platform partnerships to gain the latest insights. We’re all about learning new skills, and this is where we can switch spots with the students for a day.

Student Insights

Forget what you think you know. Ensure your marketing decisions are rooted in understanding students. We will interview and survey your students to pull out insights and data that will allow you to make student-led decisions, leading to better marketing outcomes and you’ll be more confident in challenging internal perceptions of what students want.



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