How we increased student registrations by 65% 
for Builders Academy Australia

Student Garden has been working with Builders Academy Australia for over 6 years. Each year, we have increased the number of student registrations generated from our campaigns, and 2023 was no different.

So, how did we increase the number of quality leads that are most likely to convert 
into registrations?

  • Heightened our focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Doubled down on Google Search campaigns
  • Launched a new brand treatment made for 2023 and digital
  • Improved the marketing automation strategy and volume of conversions from first-party data

Here are the details…

65% increase

in student registrations

25% decrease

in cost to acquire each student

108% increase

in leads generated since 2022

The Team

Rosie Brown | Head of Student Garden

Nik Sproal | General Manager

Cliodhna Reidy | Account Manager

Kaan Güde | Head of Advertising

Chris Laver | Marketing Automation Specialist

Camille Tabagan | Digital Producer

Phillipa Lavery | Social Media Manager

Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter

Changing up landing pages

By shifting lead generation from Facebook forms to our custom-designed landing pages, we boosted the number of leads generated by 108% since 2022. Facebook’s inbuilt lead forms are stock standard, not user friendly, and lack a solid value exchange to establish a degree of commitment from your leads.

For BAA, we offered a value exchange on our lead forms in order to increase friction and weed out low-quality leads — this resulted in a 48% increase in paid lead volume year-on-year.

We also developed a profiling page to collect additional data from our leads after submitting their information. The data collected through the profiling page gave us even more insight to help capture high-quality leads and leverage this learning across our Marketing Automation and Paid Advertising Strategy.

Streamlined marketing automation

We increased the call-back requests on our nurtures by 94% year-on-year for BAA.

By shifting our attention from engaging new leads to focusing on strategies to convert existing leads in our CRM. After reviewing our data and identifying opportunities for growth, we created segmented audiences with tailored messaging for each stage of the funnel. This helped us to maximise the value we could generate from existing leads by improving their performance through segmentation and tailored copy, design and messaging.

This was key to decreasing our cost per registration for BAA. By segmenting the leads in our CRM and hitting them with the right message at the right time, we increased the chance of conversion and reduced the cost per registration across our nurture campaigns.

Optimising conversion rate

Our CRO strategies have improved conversion rates for Builders Academy Australia by between 10% and 12% this year.

We implemented high-impact optimisations on our landing pages based on a wealth of industry knowledge, and best practices that we’ve trialed, tested and scaled across all of our clients’ campaigns.

Wondering how that works? Think data-driven creative, UX, copy and behavioural mapping across your pages. CRO helps drive conversion by improving the experience of your leads and making it easy for them to enquire.

A brand-new brand

We conducted a brand refresh across BAA’s advertising and landing pages. This helped to reduce our cost-per-lead by 8%, and increased video views by 47%.

Off the back of record registration numbers in 2020-2021 that were driven by a pandemic-led boom in online learning, Builders Academy Australia had to change tactics to engage new students to undertake their courses.

The challenge we saw for BAA was how they stand out from the crowd in a crowded online landscape, vying for future students’ attention. We proposed a brand refresh that would help them compete in a fast-paced, attention-driven environment encompassing new brand colours, elements and stylistic guides for content creation.

Putting UGC first

UGC content increases brand awareness by 2.5x in paid advertising.

After finalising our new brand, the next step was to implement a new content strategy for BAA across our organic content and paid ads. Our UGC content was focused on top-performing messaging and insights from our high-converting campaigns, ensuring we were creating content that resonated with our target audience.

Results to write home about...

Our strategies yielded impressive results in FY23 for BAA:


increase in student registrations (YoY)


decrease in cost to acquire each student


videos created across social media channels


increase in leads generated since 2022

"Over the last 5 years, we've built a partnership with Builders Academy Australia that has helped them expand their opportunities for student recruitment.

It's been epic to work so closely with the team at BAA on their full-funnel marketing strategy. We love having visibility over the student journey and seeing the impact our work has had on registrations."

— Cliodhna Reidy
Account Manager


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