With a team of content creators and hundreds of campaigns delivered, Social Garden has established itself as a competent and effective copywriting resource to compliment all types of strategies.

Copywriting feeds into every facet of work from web pages and emails to advertising copy and video scripts.

Consistently publishing good content helps Social Garden to boost student recruitment efforts for our clients. Our content marketing strategies help our education clients convert email databases and website traffic into enquiries – from prospect journey mapping to developing a unique brand voice to copywriting.

Since 2016 Social Garden has been working with Victoria University Polytechnic across various strategic campaigns. These campaigns range from lead generation and event awareness to marketing automation and lead nurture.

Combining our copywriting skills with existing content, we created advertising matched toVictoria University Polytechnic’s personas and tested hundreds of ad variants across multiple social platforms.

For Victoria University Polytechnic we’ve written copy on multiple angles for different platforms. This includes:

Working with higher education clients means understanding multiple demographics that are not necessarily related to each other. This demands a copywriting skill that can move effortlessly between tones and content for targeted advertising but still remain accessible to all prospective students when writing copy for landing pages and broader campaigns.

We don’t shy away from ambition, and actively encourage testing and experimenting with new approaches. Discovering new ways to influence and engage are at the core of our copywriting process, both in the education sector and elsewhere.

Understanding visuals is becoming increasingly relevant across the marketing sphere, and the uptake of emojis in copywriting has seen great success with Victoria University Polytechnic.

Emojis assist in developing tone and context, which is especially useful when writing with limited space. Although emojis can be used as literal interpretations of context (e.g. books = books), they can also enhance copywriting with thematic use (e.g. rocket = aspiration, gold medal = success).

Replicating and integrating organic social media behaviours is a core element of how we approach copywriting across the different platforms our audiences consume on.

As emojis move towards a norm of communication, they provide an avenue to enhance branding personality and authenticity. No longer restricted to platforms of the last decade, increasing acceptability and use of emojis in long-form copywriting, such as blogging, and short-form copywriting, such as Google search snippets, means that emojis are now a tool for widespread engagement.

This has been particularly effective in Victoria University Polytechnic’s social media advertising, and which has been extended to other campaigns in higher education.

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