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The Power of Persuasion: How To Boost Digital Marketing with Copywriting

Digital marketing is always evolving, and, the art of persuasion is the secret sauce that can turn a casual click into a committed customer (what we’re all looking for, right?). Copywriting, of course, is the craft of shaping words to influence…
Is TikTok Safe

TikTok Privacy & the Future of Video Content

Are you concerned about your company’s privacy on TikTok?  We get it. The platform has come under heavy fire in recent months for its shadowy data collection practices, as well as its potential ownership connections to the Chinese government.  As…

Optimise Your Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Best Practices | Social Garden
The Power of AI

You, Me & ChatGPT

Have you heard of ChatGPT? Of course you have. It's the latest buzzword in the digital marketing world, and it's already changing the game as we know it. ChatGPT is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI,…
SMS Marketing
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TikTok Marketing Myths Debunked

TikTok is undoubtedly growing to become the world’s newest, and most impressive, marketing powerhouse. But this isn’t always known amongst marketers.
Email Marketing

The Keys to a Great Email Marketing Campaign

The 5 Ws of a successful email marketing campaign
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Lead Scoring Best Practices

In an ideal world, a successful marketing campaign will come with hundreds and thousands of leads. An abundance of leads is what we’re all searching for — but how should we go about prioritising the leads that have the highest chance of…
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