Achieving a $38 CPL for 
VFA Learning’s Nursing course

In collaboration with VFA Learning, a seasoned Geelong-based RTO, we orchestrated a dynamic advertising strategy to tackle two primary objectives. Our focus was firstly on intensifying lead generation for VFA’s esteemed Nursing course, by emphasising a high conversion rate to enrolment. Simultaneously, a targeted Brand Awareness campaign sought to fortify VFA Learning’s presence in Geelong.

The goal was clear: attract regional leads willing to travel to the Geelong campus at an affordable cost per lead and ultimately cost per registration. Navigating this, our approach showcased the breadth of VFA’s course offerings, with a spotlight on Nursing. Meticulous optimisation ensured cost-effective lead generation, while the Brand Awareness initiative fostered trust with locals.

The results were impactful — we saw increased leads for Nursing, a solid brand footprint in Geelong, and a successful balance between regional reach and cost efficiency. Our tailored strategy not only addressed VFA Learning’s specific challenge but also laid the groundwork for sustained growth and recognition.


leads generated


users directed to landing pages


cost-per-lead (CPL)

The Team

Orla Moffatt | Senior Account Manager
Toni Macario | Customer Success Lead
Georgia Worswick | Senior Campaign Manager
Serena Yong | Campaign Executive
Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter
Dana Wu | Digital Designer

A dual-channel approach

To enhance visibility and creative optimisation, we created a dedicated landing page for the Nursing course. This facilitated real-time campaign monitoring, but also empowered us to conduct impactful split tests on imagery and copy.

This dual-channel approach, coupled with data-driven insights from the campaign-specific landing page, ensured that each lead was acquired with efficiency and impact.

In pursuit of VFA Learning's objectives, our lead generation campaign delivered stellar outcomes for the Nursing course, generating 926 leads and driving 10,158 highly relevant traffic at a cost-effective CPL of $38.73. Meta emerged as the top performer, contributing 65% of the leads, while Google showcased a compelling CPL of $33.52, ensuring a well-rounded impact across platforms.

Always optimising

Our campaign for VFA Learning's Nursing course achieved remarkable success through strategic optimisations, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks. The introduction of a dedicated Unbounce page allowed for insightful split tests, ensuring our creative elements resonated optimally with the audience.

Internally, a meticulous campaign retro identified top-performing assets, seamlessly avoiding creative fatigue by incorporating new overlays and championing video creative. Reactivating META lead ad forms and introducing engaging video story ads, based on performance insights, demonstrated the campaign's adaptability and resonance.

The results speak volumes


conversion rate


leads generated


users directed to 
landing pages


overall cost-per-lead (CPL)

“We’ve loved being able to run the Nursing campaigns with the VFA Learning team while seeking out new opportunities to upscale their performance. Focusing on key data-driven insights has allowed us to make sure that all creative elements align with their brand messaging and goals, to ultimately deliver the best possible results.”

— Toni Macario

 Customer Success Lead

What does the client think?

“I genuinely want to extend my appreciation to your team for their exceptional effort. The outstanding results speak volumes about your collective commitment to delivering the best outcomes for us. It doesn't go unnoticed, and I truly value the hard work and dedication.”
— Kristy Wright, Angus Knight Group