Growing engagement Year-on-Year by 97% for Study Melbourne

How we built a successful organic presence for Study Melbourne through authentic social media production, community management and Meta advertising. Together, we are championing Melbourne and Victoria as the destination of choice for international students.

Showcasing all that Melbourne has to offer

Social Garden & Melbourne Polytechnic have been in partnership since 2021 across a number of projects, ranging from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services to Organic Social Media content and User-Generated video content. Melbourne Polytechnic enlisted Social Garden’s SEO expertise in March 2022, and the partnership has gone from strength to strength ever since.

increase in engagement rate YoY


New followers YoY

Over 620

Pieces of content created across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat and Twitter.


2021 - 2023


Organic Social Media Production
User Generated Content
Social Media Crisis Management
WeChat Social Media Production
Videography & Photography
Community Management
Meta Advertising

The job to be done

Study Melbourne champions Melbourne and Victoria as the destination for international students wanting to start or continue their study journey. Through organic social media, we have helped showcase all that Melbourne offers and why it has been named Australia’s best student city for eight years in a row.

1. Students to the front

Study Melbourne strives to reach and support international students and their parents with course and destination information, welfare and support services, and useful information.

2. Victoria, the education state

To authentically represent Melbourne as a premium destination for International students for educational and career growth. Through the use of photography and video footage, we are able to immerse followers into what life is like in Victoria and Melbourne. From Aboriginal culture to world-class events, to top-ranking universities, Victoria has it all.

3. Building relationships

With a specific Facebook Group aimed at offering support for international students, we are able to build a sense of community and source of information for enrolled students. Comment sections and direct messages also provide direct insight into the minds of our audience.

Our favorites

One of these videos has now received 4.4M views, 4.9K reactions and 35 comments.

We helped cement Melbourne as the undoubtable frontrunner when it comes to academia and lifestyle by strategically boosting posts that speak to the liveability and culture available in our state.

What do we deliver?

Organic Social Media Production & Management

Each month we’re producing social assets for Study Melbourne’s western channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We edit video content, create copy and design assets, and create GIFs for posts.

WeChat Social Media Production & Management

Our in-house Chinese marketing specialists manage the Study Melbourne WeChat account, produce long-form articles each month and provide insights into channel best practise.

User Generated Content

Our UGC content amplifies the international student experience studying in Melbourne. We source, manage and interview the students, and produce assets each quarter for Study Melbourne.

Videography & Photography

This year, we’ve also been brought in to help produce up a broad suite of video and photo assets. This includes high-res and UGC photography, event promotional and student interview content, mastering of content and post-production.

Social Media Crisis & Community Management

Our team of community managers, oversee all the comments, messages and DMs to Western and Chinese social channels. Our team are monitoring this 2-3 times a day, and has a crisis management process to respond to unplanned crises’.

Paid Advertising & Content Boosting

Study Melbourne (as part of the all-of-government contract) use a media agency to buy all their media. We recommend what that boosting strategy should be, what channels to boost on, what audiences to target and what content should be

The results


increase in engagement rate YoY

1000s of comments/DMs

Across Instagram and Facebook


New followers YoY

620 posts published

Across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter