How we optimised genU Training's lead follow-up strategy to skyrocket conversion by 57.35%

In the competitive landscape of educational training services, genU Training faced a significant challenge in managing and nurturing leads generated from their digital campaigns since January 2023.

Struggling to engage effectively with potential students, the team felt their process could be hindering their ability to convert inquiries into enrolments.

Recognising the need for a specialised approach, and having already worked with us in advertising and marketing automation for several years, genU Training partnered with Social Garden to revamp their lead follow-up campaign, aiming to transform their conversion process and boost enrolment numbers.


Lead conversion rate


Total leads managed


Leads qualified as ‘hot’ or ‘warm’


The Team

Chamalee Karunanayake | Head of Customer Success

Sasa Atienza | Customer Success Lead

Emily Rowe | Head of Call Centre

Seamless lead management

At the heart of our strategy was the development of a comprehensive lead management system designed to enhance engagement and foster conversions.

Understanding the nuances of lead behaviour, we introduced a campaign workflow that included lead identification, prioritisation, and targeted engagement through phone calls, SMS, and email autoresponders.

This multi-channel approach ensured that no potential student was left behind, and catered to diverse communication preferences and maximising the chances of successful lead conversion.

Tailored engagement & strategic segmentation

We know well the importance of personalisation in lead engagement — so we implemented strategic lead segmentation. This involved categorising leads into 'Hot' and 'Warm' buckets based on their readiness to start their educational journey.

This pivotal optimisation allowed for more focused follow-up efforts, ensuring that 'Hot' leads received immediate attention.

Additionally, we refined our calling framework to address common queries more effectively and adopted a conversational approach with open-ended questions, significantly enhancing lead interaction and engagement.

To keep pace with the dynamic nature of course offerings and funding opportunities, we established a robust feedback loop with genU Training.

Regular work-in-progress meetings, training sessions, and direct email feedback facilitated timely updates to our call scripts and workflows and ensured our team was always equipped with the latest client information in order to be able to assist potential students effectively.

Remarkable results & lasting impact

The results of our optimised lead follow-up campaign were pretty damn good.

Managing a total of 4199 leads, we successfully qualified 1233 as hot and warm, and directed them to genU Training for further follow-up.

Our efforts resulted in a staggering conversion rate of 57.35%, which is testament to the efficacy of our strategic approach and dedicated relationship with the team at genU Training.


Leads managed


Leads qualified as 
‘hot’ or ‘warm


Conversion rate

“It is so fulfilling for us to be the first point of contact for these prospective students, having meaningful conversations and helping them get to the next stage on their study journey. We have worked very closely with genU Training to streamline the calling and handover process as much as possible, and the results really speak for themselves in the quality and quantity of leads we are able to hand over to the enrolments team.”

— Emily Rowe | Head of Call Centre


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