Generating enquiries from regional Australia at an average $60 CPL

Delivering high-quality leads from Google and Meta, 
for Endeavour College of Natural Health

From Alice Springs to the Snowy Mountains, we empowered regional Australians to pursue their passion for natural health

$60 Cost per lead

Nationwide across regional Australia

11.78% Conversion Rate

From click to lead capture

13,608,350 Impressions


2021 - 2022


Strategy & Student Acquisition
Meta Advertising
Google Advertising
Student Lead Generation

Surpassing industry benchmarks

Endeavour College of Natural Health partnered with Student Garden for an initial 3-month lead generation campaign back in March 2021. The specific focus of the campaign was to target regional Australians to study a one-year, fully online diploma of health science. This allowed those living outside of major cities to benefit from the college’s expertise and highly regarded academics.

As the campaign kicked off, our team’s focus was geo-targeted messaging, which communicated the course’s key selling points and precise location parameters of the target audience.

Endeavour College wanted to ensure a stable and competitive cost per lead while maintaining strong lead quality, and ensuring student enrolment targets were consistently met. Due to location requirements which limited the audience size, we continually tested and optimised creative campaign elements such as copy and design across different ad placements.

This enabled us to deliver a CPL of $60, with a conversion rate of 11.78% generated from over 42,231 clicks. This ensured the campaign metrics were well above the education industry benchmarks.

What made this campaign so

Top converting landing pages

Our team of UX/UI designers carefully crafted Student Garden's highest-converting landing page, which peaked at a 20.41% conversion rate — much higher than the Education benchmark of 4–6%.

This was achieved through continued optimisations at both a design and messaging level, and leveraging Endeavour's brand assets. Our Campaign team and dedicated Account Manager also utilised a heat-mapping tool to understand where users were dropping off and inform the next round of design and landing page optimisations.

Strategise, test & learn!

Since the beginning of the campaign, we used high-intent audiences based on interest, web traffic, social media engagement and client databases. Coupled with regional-specific creative, this ensured we captured our target audience.

We were also committed to continual testing as we had a limited radius to target, so new placements allowed us to reach new audiences. This encouraged us to pioneer a Performance Max campaign, with an SMS-verified lead capture page.

Not only did this generate vetted leads for the client, but it also informed other key elements of the strategy like keyword research for our Search campaign.

Partnership built on transparency & trust

Endeavour helped us to understand the student profile and target audience through consistent communication and fortnightly meetings. This allowed us to effectively strategise and implement our overall campaign strategy, split into Meta and Search. Since the start of the campaign, we have generated over 4,973 regional leads for Endeavour's student acquisition team to contact.

Not only have we maintained a consistent CPL and outperformed industry benchmarks throughout the entire campaign, but we have also been able to offer additional support and services to the client when they needed it most. In doing so, we ran the paid digital advertising campaign for the launch of Endeavour College’s new e-Commerce Short Courses brand. In addition to this, we offered CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) services and Organic Social Media to collaborate and assist the wider Endeavour marketing team. This has meant a large cohort of the team here at Student Garden has worked across the Endeavour brand at some point, and we’ve loved every minute of it!

-Orla Moffatt,
Account Manager