Personalising 600+ emails
with course content to
boost student

How we promoted Deakin University's domestic course offerings through existing email nurtures, and standardised their dynamic content.

Empowering prospects to choose Deakin

Each of Deakin’s existing nurture programs had 2-3 streams of content that aimed to move prospective students down the funnel, toward an application. Each stream was primarily filled with emails around general topics like studying online or the application process.

To add more depth to the nurtures and improve overall engagement and conversion, we developed course-level content within these nurture streams.

With multiple faculties and marketing producers, the central team wanted to ensure all content was standardised and ensured no matter what course students were interested in, they received the content they needed.

The nurture rebuild project ultimately came with a fantastic suite of new creative, behavioural science-led content, layers of personalisation and prompts to infer lead data, all of which helped us to achieve success.


  • Marketing automation
  • Content creation



"We love working with Deakin! They have heavily invested in personalisation. It was great to be able to help them standardise their dynamic content, at scale.”

- Rosie Brown, Head of Student Garden

Our key considerations

Existing content

We wanted to rework existing course emails with a domestic lens. Choosing not to reinvent the wheel would also speed up the production of content. By conducting an audit of the existing emails, our team could fill in the gaps for Deakin.

Stakeholder management

This project relied heavily on working with Faculty Marketing in the development of course level content. A key metric of success was also stakeholder satisfaction.

Scalable approach

With 600 emails and 900 modules being produced, our approach was centred around achieving scale. We simplified the email builds and adopted a standardised, templated approach to support this.

How did we deliver 600 emails and 900 modules?

For us and Deakin, open communication was the key. Following a collaborative and systematic process was the best way to accelerate the adoption process and drive stakeholder buy-in at each stage.

This project resulted in 600 emails and 900 modules being re-written and seamlessly handed over to be built within Marketo.

By standardising our approach to the email content, Deakin was able to easily insert the correct text or URL in each email asset based on someone matching a course segment in Marketo.

The result? Personalisation at scale. Just how we like it.