Builders Academy Australia

Generating student enrolments through a partnership focused on continuous improvement, innovation and data-based decision making.

We help Builders Academy to generate thousands of student enrolments each year.

Builders Academy Australia (BAA) is one of Australia’s leading RTOs, offering Building & Construction courses for tradespeople or people wanting to enter the construction industry.

Social Garden acts as an outsourced marketing team for BAA. We have been working together since 2017. Social Garden manage BAA’s digital advertising, organic social media content, community management, marketing automation platforms (Marketo), produce their video content & other assets and manage their CRM (Salesforce).

2020 has proven to be one of our most successful years of the partnership. We have become increasingly accountable for sales (registrations) each year. And in 2020 we’ve been able to increase those registration numbers, and significantly decrease the cost to acquire a student.

We put a lot of this growth down to our focus on long term planning, our ability to be quick and agile, our deep understanding of BAA’s student journey and the personalised lead generation and lead nurture strategy we have developed to help support students as they progress through the sales funnel.

How did we do it?

The Social Garden team, led by Account Director, Rosie Brown & Account Manager, Kartik Misra, and the Builders Academy team – Andrew Shea, CEO & Ali Musai, National Sales Manager – set the strategy annually for what we want to achieve, and then over the year work on achieving those goals.

We meet weekly to discuss key objectives, insights, initiatives and challenges. We have a range of monthly deliverables, and then a lot of projects and campaigns which we usually roll out in monthly sprints.

A big part of what we do is providing BAA’s CEO and National Sales Manager with actionable insights so they can make business decisions quickly. We’re able to assess the performance of key audiences, campaigns, channels and the sales team and highlight to BAA where the focus should be each week, fortnight or month.


We have built a range of dashboards in Salesforce and Google Sheets which allow us to have real-time insights on lead volumes, sales performance and overall recruitment numbers. Which keeps us accountable for the success of the campaigns. We’re able to look at 2, 7 and 30 day performance and make decisions based on this.

BAA has access to Social Garden’s content, advertising, call-centre, marketing automation and CRM teams. Our team members from these teams frequently drop into our weekly WIPs to advise the BAA on strategy and best practice.

The Social Garden team are continuously optimising and innovating with BAA. Due to the nature of our business and partnership, we’re able to constantly provide BAA with recommendations for ways we can improve our results each year!

Social Garden are our strategic partner. The work we’ve done together, combined with data and insights they provide us have helped us achieve some incredible numbers this year. They are fast, transparent and help me to make decisions that will impact our sales numbers every month.

– Andrew Shea, CEO, Builders Academy

What has made the biggest impact in 2020?

Marketing Automation (Marketo)

  1. Email/SMS nurtures for each stage of the student journey based on their stage in Salesforce with dynamic content based on lead data.
  2. All Marketo programs have a corresponding Salesforce campaign, which allows us to calculate the number of enquiries and track impact and ROI of campaigns run through Marketo.
  3. Trigger-based email campaigns to leads who visit key pages on the website (fees, course info etc).
  4. A Centre of Excellence that allows us to build campaigns quicker and ensures there is a standardised approach for different types of programs.
  5. Integrations that keep platforms in sync, allowing us to push CRM, SMS, Live Chat, and Marketo audiences into Facebook & Google via Leadsbridge per journey stage.

Digital Advertising

  1. Brand, lead gen & nurture campaigns to generate and convert leads throughout the student recruitment journey segmented by course & state.
  2. Live performance dashboards built in Google Sheets that report on 2, 7 and 30-day campaign performance for easy insights into channel, creative or audience performance.
  3. Using the performance of our digital campaigns to influence the other content being created (Organic Socials, Lead Nurturing and Calling).
  4. Leveraging a range of content types based on the student journey stage. Such as video testimonials, carousels, UGC, & blog content.
  5. Integrating Facebook Messenger into paid advertising so that prospective students can gather information without leaving Facebook.

CRM (Salesforce)

  1. Custom built lead prioritisation logic and lead management reports for Course Advisors to call the most qualified leads first.
  2. A suite of personalised dashboards including Impact Performance (to measure overall Registrations by channel, month, source etc), Opportunity & Task Performance (to track the performance of the Sales team overall & by Course Advisor), and Campaign Performance to measure the success of each campaign.
  3. Development of logic around task management to ensure all open opportunities always have an open task to help ensure Course Advisors manage their leads effectively.
  4. Development of B2B and B2C strategies to allow Builders Academy to manage their Employer/Business leads and their prospective student leads in the one instance.
  5. Training videos for on-boarding new staff.

Content Creation & Conversion Rate Optimisation

  1. SEO optimised blog content that drives organic traffic to the website, with a focus on long-tail keywords to capture the markets’ questions about the industry.
  2. Video & blog content of real students talking about their experiences studying with BAA that is used in ads, email nurtures, on the website, and in organic socials.
  3. CRO focused course pages that are built to convert website traffic into leads.
  4. A organic social content strategy that is focused on: building a community, education, funny/relatable content, and industry news.
  5. Assets for each segment of Builders Academy’s audience (e.g. career starters, career changers, up-skillers).

Project Spotlight:

Conversion Rate Optimisation

In 2019, we worked with Builders Academy to improve the conversion rate of their course pages and aspects of their website.

We redesigned & developed their course pages which get a majority of their direct and organic traffic and implemented a huge range of AB tests and optimisations across the rest of the site.

The key things we implemented included:

  • Adding mobile-friendly opt-in forms to key traffic pages
  • Testing a range of different CTAs on the form submits
  • Building a career salary quiz to include on SEO optimised blog pages to capture top-of-funnel website traffic not ready to request a callback
  • Adjusting the homepage to be focused on lead capture

The Outcome:

Comparing Sept 2020 with Sept 2019 we have increased the website leads captured by 122%.

“I have loved working with Builders Academy over the past two years because they put complete trust in our team to get the results. Having the opportunity to come up with new ideas each month and being able to report all the way through to registrations and enrolments is awesome!”

– Rosie Brown, Account Director