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Converting Your Cancelled & Declined Leads

How we increased student registrations of withdrawn leads by 500% through multi-channel nurturing.

With so many disengaged prospects sitting in Salesforce, Builders Academy Australia partnered with Social Garden to convert these into registered students.

Our goal was to improve the conversion of the prospects sitting as declined, withdrawn, cancelled and long-term, we set out to deliver a solution that would drive and measure registrations. Multi-channel nurturing does just that.

We focused on bringing together Salesforce, Marketo and Facebook to provide more touchpoints and connect the dots between digital activity and offline. With so many moving parts, let’s look at how Account Director Rosie Brown and the team pulled it all off.

Multi-channel nurture campaign

Email, SMS, social media and our Melbourne-based call centre
Student-centric approach to marketing
Creates more touchpoints on the purchase pathway

Integrated audiences

Real-time integration between Salesforce, Marketo and social channels
Aligns advertising strategy with enrolment data
This way we can identify channels and placements with high-intent audiences

Different journey, different message

Split test messaging and call to action based on journey stage
Prospects only get information that is relevant to them
Disengaged leads converted on messaging that addressed objections,
such as BAA’s mentoring program, student support, flexible study
options and success stories

Melbourne-based call centre

Data collected from our call centre guides campaign optimisations
Closing the feedback loop

Driving meaningful results

Multi-touch nurturing means more for BAA than just an increase in registrations for disengaged students. It unlocks the ability to measure cost per registered student and get a better view of the different pathways to registration, including the path less travelled.

Result and insights snapshot


increase in registrations from withdrawn leads over 6 months


increase in registrations attributed to Social Garden over 6 months


increase in monthly registrations directly attributed to social media advertising over a 12 month period


of all registrations over a 12 month period attributed to social garden advertising campaigns

Now in the third year of our partnership with Builders Academy Australia, we look forward to supporting the team of Legends with their digital transformation.


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