Streamlining Banyule Nillumbik Tech School’s social media strategy

In an increasingly digital age, Banyule Nillumbik Tech School found themselves grappling with the complexities of effective social media marketing. At the heart of this job? An awareness of the intricacies and sustained effort required to successfully run an organic social media campaign.

Our first objective was to educate the broader marketing team about best practices in social media management. This not only included content strategies, but also required demystifying misconceptions about the difficulties of social media marketing. Secondly, we sought to align the school’s social media endeavours with one of its strategic pillars: to forge meaningful, enduring relationships that nurture capabilities and open doors for young people, schools, industry, and community.

Organic social media is a slow-burn effort, requiring consistent posting and diverse content types — be it static posts, carousels, or reels — to continually appear in people’s feeds. We stepped up to help inform Banyule about what to post and when, as well as demonstrate what success looks like in the realm of organic social media in terms of metrics and qualitative impact. Our collaboration sought to bridge these knowledge gaps, providing a robust, educated approach to social media that resonates with the school’s broader mission.

The Team

Orla Moffatt | Senior Account Manager

Philippa Lavery | Social Media Manager/Copywriter/Designer

A sizzling strategy session

To lay the groundwork for Banyule Nillumbik Tech School’s renewed social media approach, we facilitated a comprehensive strategy session with their marketing team. 
This session served as an educational and collaborative forum that tackled several critical areas. We first initiated a competitor analysis to get a pulse on what others in the space were doing successfully. Next, we delved into an audit of Banyule’s existing social media footprint, scrutinising the engagement rates and overall impact of their current posts across various platforms. From this data, we pinpointed immediate, actionable steps for improvement, such as fine-tuning their Instagram bio and enriching their Facebook ‘About Me’ section.

Importantly, we also touched on crisis management, advising against deleting negative comments or blocking users as this can exacerbate issues. We offered concrete suggestions for enhancing their content, from visual assets to text captions, and shared best practices tailored for each major social media channel — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Finally, we provided guidance on how to measure the efficacy of their organic social media efforts, empowering them with tools for ongoing, informed decision-making and effective reporting.

What channels work?

After analysing Banyule Nillumbik Tech School’s unique needs and audience demographics, we tailored a channel-specific strategy for their social media management. We identified Facebook as the ideal platform for engaging with parents, schools, and principals — those key decision-makers who can influence enrolment and partnerships.

Instagram, with its younger user base, was selected to connect directly with students and provide them with engaging, relatable content.

For LinkedIn, the focus shifted towards building robust industry connections and relationships with schools, enhancing Banyule’s professional network and reputation.

Strong content pillars for a strong foundation

We settled on four key content pillars for Banyule.

The first is ‘Education,’ aimed at establishing the school as a leading educational institution in Victoria by sharing student stories and case studies that not only build brand authority but empower students and attract more schools.

The ‘Entertainment‘ pillar focuses on engaging the audience in a relatable and entertaining manner, making the content easily digestible. ‘Diversity and Inclusion‘ serves as another cornerstone, subtly yet effectively communicating that everyone is welcome at Banyule Nillumbik.

Lastly, ‘Community‘ is about emphasising Banyule’s robust community ties, particularly in the local catchment around Greensborough. We want to showcase that beyond the state-of-the-art facilities, there’s a team genuinely committed to enriching lives.

“Collaborating with the Banyule Nillumbik Tech School team was a rewarding experience. They were receptive, eager to learn, and fully absorbed the information we provided to optimise their social media accounts.”

— Philippa Lavery

Social Media Manager

"It was great working with the team from Social Garden — they took the time to understand our needs, then worked through a range of options, and really held our hands through the process. Our social media reach has really grown as a result, and our staff are now highly skilled and really embracing the world of social media!"

— Skylie Massingham

Director, Banyule Nillumbik Tech School

Compare the pair!

Take a look at Banyule’s Instagram page as it transforms from before we started working with them, to after. As you can see, before there is no bio, and all assets are text heavy and not appealing to the eye.

We try to use clean images for organic social media, because too much text overlay tends to look like an advertisement when we want to be authentic and relatable.

We’ve managed to declutter their feed while bringing more life and personality into it at the same time.


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