Leveraging TikTok and User-Generated Content to Engage Current Students

Australian National University (ANU) partnered with us to bolster their brand awareness, specifically focusing on the university's student services.

The overarching goal of our collaboration with was to enhance the brand awareness of the university's services among its current students through a creative and engaging approach.

Traditionally, ANU's Student Experience team promoted their services via Orientation Week (O-Week) and email communications. However, these methods were not effectively capturing student attention or adequately conveying the value of the services provided.

Here is how we took this challenge and found a solution.


Website views across the campaign


Videos ranked in the top % of industry performance


Time frame

The Team

Chamalee Karunanayake | Account Director

Sasa Atienza | Account Manager

Santiago Garcia | Campaign Manager

Darcy Keeley | Senior Marketing Specialist

A comprehensive content and advertising campaign

Our campaign for ANU was structured to achieve the following goals:

  • Introduce ANU's Student Services: We aimed to familiarise target audiences with the support and opportunities available on campus, ensuring students are well-informed about ANU's student services.
  • Utilise TikTok for Engagement: Leveraging TikTok, we sought to create and disseminate captivating advertisements featuring user-generated content from ANU students. This provided a glimpse of campus life and showcased the university's vibrant study environment.
  • Targeted Audience Outreach: Our strategy involved identifying and reaching appropriate audiences at optimal times to ensure our messages resonated with the intended recipients.
  • Expand Audience Reach: We aimed to discover similar audiences to broaden our lead pool and scale the campaign's performance, ultimately driving more engagement and awareness.

A multifaceted approach

The campaign began with a detailed kick-off meeting that included key ANU stakeholders and our creative team. This session allowed us to explore ANU's brand, services, key selling points, and target audience, forming a strong foundation for our strategy.

We then crafted and implemented a targeted advertising strategy aimed at both current and prospective ANU students, with a focus on those living on campus. This approach was central to our campaign, as these students are a vital part of the university community.

Working collaboratively with ANU students, we created authentic content that showcased the unique experiences and benefits of the university's programs. This content was shared across multiple digital platforms, including ANU's website, video platforms, and social media, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative.

The results are nothing short of impressive:

  • All campaign videos ranked in the top 50% of industry performance, indicating strong engagement.
  • The campaign generated a total of 1,712 website views, with our ads performing in the top 25% of industry benchmarks for traffic generation.
  • The standout ad was for ANU sports, attracting 1,499 views, followed by the health and well-being services ad with 225 views.
  • The campaign reached a diverse audience, with 32% male and 77% female viewers 18-34, interested in sports, culture, art, and food.

These results demonstrate our ability to connect with a wide range of students, highlighting the overall success and impact of the campaign.

“I really enjoyed planning and executing this campaign for ANU. ANU knew that their target audience (students) were on TikTok, so it was great to get their trust in using the platform. This campaign was a great success, using a mixture of authentic content and strategic targeting alignment, whilst piggybacking on the power of TikTok. Can’t wait to do further content like this with the wider ANU family.”

— Chamalee Karunanayake Account Director


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